Milk will be next time bomb ?

We humans do not have any enzyme to digest milk from a foreign source after we wean away from our mothers milk. In nature no animal drinks the milk of another species except the domesticated cat & dog. We make them drink cow’s milk. The latter have a stunted lifespan compared to their cousins in the wild. In the whole saga  goat’s milk is supposed to be the least harmful(antigenic).

Since we do not have the capacity to digest milk , the milk that we drink gets broken in the stomach acid into whey & casein. The latter is a highly antigenic substance.

Denatured milk  protein  in curd and buttermilk is much safer as they have not been found to be antigenic. The best part of milk  of course  is  Ghee which even AYURVEDA praises as a good food.

Many studies in the past have given conflicting evidence in this arena but a large multi-centric study published in the prestigious NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE  2010, puts all those doubts to rest . The antibodies produced in the human system against the pancreatic beta cells that produce human insulin, The cow’s milk antibodies recognize the beta cells in the human pancreatic beta cells ,as the  twin of casein and attack and destroy the pancreatic beta cells that normally produce insulin. The study did show that type 1 diabetes is significantly more common in infants fed with cow’s milk in place of mother’s milk.

Milk antibodies pose yet another danger. Combined with any viral disease these antibodies could become powerful carcinogenic mutants. Could this be another link between the success of the white revolution and the cancer epidemic ,as is made out these days. Again good for business as cancer treatment in modern medicine is a trillion – dollar industry .

God save mankind from its present senseless greed for power and money.

Professor B.M. Hegde  (  PADMA BHUSHAN   )

MD,PhD, FRCP ( Lond , Edin, Glasg, Dublin)  FACC ,FAMS

Cardiologist & Former Vice Chancellor,

Manipal University.

( MILK –A  Silent  Killer ) Dr N.K. Sharma