7 DAYS new diet for WEIGHT LOSS -flat tummy -ANTI AGEING-thyroid cure – Nadi Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav

Hello friends, as promised by us we are here with another amazing video that we are sure will definitely answer a major issue of most of our viewers.
We have designed this 7 days special regime for all those people wanting to get rid of those extra curvy tummies.
Many of us make new year resolution to lose those extra inches and especially that flat tummy like one those actress/actors. We try every diet plan that comes our way to achieve that.
But one thing i’ve noticed among all this is that doing these no food or high on workout regimes we might lose some kilograms but get no marked results in reducing those inches. We do lose fat from our body but a flat tummy seems quite hard to achieve.
I must tell you that doing diet plans to lose weight is not bad but some people avoid eating food or do heavy exercises and don’t pay attention to the nutrition their body needs.
BUT DON’T WORRY ANYMORE. We have got this special diet plan that takes care of all the nutrition that body needs and will also give you that bulge free flat tummy you always desire.
We have no hesitation in claiming that our diet is better than the best. You might have heard of other 7 days diet plans but ours is surely special. Where others just claim to reduce fat our diet plan has anti ageing effects. And it is not just for saying. This diet plan helps our bodies to generate NO( nitrogen oxide) that have amazing anti ageing effects. Along with it, this diet plan has added benefits for people who have thyroid disorders. Within few days you will see those mcg’s of thyroxine tablets getting tapered and finally stopped.
We will not ask you to stop eating food or starve and neither we will make you lift heavy weights. But we will make you do everything in proper amounts at proper timings and in accurate amount.
This diet designed by us is based on the ayurvedic principles of vata, pitta and kapha.
This diet can be followed comfortably for 7-15 days and will cause no side effect.
An average person can lose 2-3 inches during this span of time which translates into shedding off 5-10 kgs of weight.
This diet plan flushes out the toxins that accumulate in our body and lead to diseases.
Thyroid disorders (hyperthyroid,hypothyroid) can definitely no more be a part of your life.
Counting all the special effects this diet has on our body, i would definitely like to mention the effect this diet plan has on your mental health. This is a sattvic (pure) diet. Following this diet plan will surely and undoubtedly give you a sattvic mind set. You will get angry lesser, you will experience inner peace, happiness and satisfaction.
So finally coming to what you have to do to get all these benefits mentioned above –
1.WAKE UP EARLY- you have to get up before sunrise probably between 5:30am- 6:00am
2. After you get up drink 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water
3. Then after drinking water and at the time you probably take your morning tea, you can drink kadha or herbal tea. To make kadha take
Saunf (fennel) half tsf
Pudina(mint) 5-7 leaves
Tulsi(basil) 5-7 leaves
Adrak(ginger) half inch
4. Then comes exercising time. You can do any brisk form of exercise for 30-60 min which can be either yog, walk or gymming. But make sure you do sweat.
5. Breakfast time – 8:00am
One golden rule for eating anything is to chew everything you eat minimum 32 times.
So your breakfast includes-
Triphala powder( which is available at any ayurvedic store or you can even make it at your home) – 1tsf
Wheat bran – 2 tsf
Juice (pineapple, orange, pomegranate) – 1 glass
6. Energy drink – 10:00 am
As you have had a very light breakfast you may feel the need of some energy booster.
So take either coconut water 1 glass or lemon honey water 1 glass
7. Kadha – you can again have 1 cup of kadha or herbal tea at 11:00am
8. Salad time – 12:00am
Choose 3-4 types of ingredients to make your salad. The ingredients can be of your choice. But the quantity of the salad has to be
Your weight in kg x 10 = quantity of salad in gram
9. Lunch time – 1:30pm
For lunch you can take
Moong sprouts – 100gm and
Methi dana – 1tsf
10. Booster soup – 4:00 pm
Its time to boost up your metabolism. Take 1 cup of mix veg soup preferably made at home
11. Kadha – 6:00pm
It will help you provide energy detoxify your body. Especially If you are habitual of having evening teas it is a good herbal substitute
12. Dinner time – 7:00pm
For dinner take minimum 3-4 types of vegetables whose quantity will again be
Your weight in kg x 10 = quantity in gram
Take all these vegetables in a boiler and the spices you like and boil all of them.
13. At 9:00pm take
Triphla 1tsf
Isabgol 1tsf
With lukewarm ginger water 1 glass

My advice to you would be to try this diet plan once and see the results for yourself.
All of this might seem magical , but sometimes magic does happen in real life too. So bring some magic in your life and do keep spreading this magic.

With best wishes and prayers
Nadi vaidya Saloni yadav


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