Latest Research – Diabetes Cure Juice – 1000 plus Patient Cure – Nadi Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav

Diabetes Cure juice
We have got this juice for you which we call as diabetes cure juice. It is based on a latest medical research in which all the ingredients of this juice have been proven to possess great effects in lowering blood sugar and helping patients cure diabetes. We have been advising this juice to our patients since very long along with some diet and lifestyle modifications and have got amazing results.
To make this juice at your home you need-
Karela( bitter gourd) – ½ piece
Adrak (Ginger) – ½ inch piece
Tamatar (tomato) – 1 piece
Dhania (coriander) – 5-7 stems
Pudina (mint) – 5-7 leaves
Amla – 1 piece
Aloe vera – 1 inch piece
Chukander – ¼ piece
Cabbage – ½ piece
Blend all these ingredients in a blender. You can even add some water to it. You can make one glass of juice with these ingredients. You should consume this juice within 2 hours of making it. Take it one hour before having your meals at around 7 am in morning and at 5 pm in evening.


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